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CREATIVE CATALYST SESSIONS are a unique blend of inner healing work and career coaching, designed to help you dissolve inner blocks and take practical, step-by-step action to bring your dreams into reality.

Are You Ready?
-If you’re ready to move through whatever has been holding you back from living your highest potential, this session is for you.

-If you’re creatively stuck, personally stuck, sick of living below your potential, frustrated, and not sure what to do next, this session is for you.

-If you suspect you have gifts inside that you are not using, this session is for you.

-If you want clarity on what your purpose is, this session is for you.

-If you’ve struggled with MYSTIFYING Creative Block — we can CATALYZE your BREAKTHROUGH. Starting Now.

No more waiting, no more missing out on your best life, and your best work.

The higher ground calls.

Reach out to me to learn more, and let’s get the conversation moving!

Me, on Witch’s New Year, Samhain ~ The Celtic New Year 2018. Happy New Year!!

Me, on Witch’s New Year, Samhain ~ The Celtic New Year 2018. Happy New Year!!

A Quick Hello!

One of my great passions is discovering latent talents in a person.
We are all so much more than we know.
YOU have so much more inside you that you are not using in your life —
I know it.

I can smell a hidden gift from a mile away.
I can feel them quickly and easily — and the work here (if it is work at all) is to help you to release whatever baggage you’ve been carrying around, so that YOU can own those gifts.

Because that’s when your life purpose becomes very clear, and you don’t hesitate to move forward on your path anymore.

I’ve always been this way. My grandfather once told me that I was the only Kindergartener who took phone calls after school to talk to her friends about their problems. “What problems did we have in the Kindergarten??!! I want to know!!” (But seriously, what problems were we talking about? Someone tell me!!…Once I stop laughing…!)

All these years later, I’m a professional musician, I compose, I sing, I work on films, I dance on the side too — and yet through all of this, this heartfelt work of helping people have breakthroughs is always a constant for me. I see it like a golden thread that has woven through every era of my life. And it’s an honor!

Since the Kindergarten, yes I DID go on to do some very real and deep studies into Holistic Healing (in fact I did 17 years worth) and I have many many fancy certificates tucked away in my recording studio. And while those intense studies gave me enormous tools, they really just helped sharpen my inner abilities and helped me to understand myself better.

I’m a Creative Catalyst.

I can feel the potential and the power in you. I care about you. And I care about you bringing your gifts out into the world.

You do a disservice to the world when you hide your magic away, but that’s nothing compared to the suffering it causes for YOU when you stay blocked and asleep to your personal mission.

The time for hiding is over. It’s time for the blooming to occur.

If you’re ready to birth a whole new vision for your life, I’m right here by your side.


~ in solidarity (since the Kindergarten)~

Reach out to Emily here to talk about a Creative Catalyst session, and how it can help you right now.