Don’t Let Creative Block Stop You From
Living The Life You Are Meant To Lead!

Are you a creative person looking to: 

  • Break through mysterious creative block? 
  • Get over exhaustion and health problems to feel more energized?
  • Tap into your creative self-confidence?
  • Overcome wounding around your creativity?
  • Understand and reclaim your personal gifts?
  • Most importantly: Live YOUR life and be yourself?   


Artfully Alive is a unique, holistic approach to breaking through Creative Block that allows you to find greater emotional, spiritual and physical health in the process. 



How is Artfully Alive Unique?

As a fellow artist with 17 years advanced experience in the holistic healing arts, I've brought together all the most powerful and effective tools that have helped me change my life -- and now I want to share them with you! 

We work together as partners in a truly holistic context to get to the ROOT of what's causing your creative block. (No superficial pep-talk advice here!) 


Why Holistic?  

Creative block has to be worked with holistically because Creativity by nature is so intimately linked with other areas of our lives. Wherever there is creative block, there is always some kind of personal, spiritual or health issue going on.

Self-doubt, low self-esteem, past emotional wounding, physical exhaustion or other health problems can all strongly lessen your ability to express your true self. And down the line, this ultimately can affect whether or not you feel capable of following your dreams – living your life purpose!  So yes, this is a BIG deal!  

Whom Do You Help?  

I work with all kinds of people who hear the creative call-- no matter how tangled or blocked they may feel at the moment.

This means professional and aspiring Actors, Musicians, Writers, Dancers, Filmmakers, Social Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Visual Artists, Comedians, Healers, Photographers, Teachers, Stylists, Designers, Inventors -- and many others whose creative work goes way outside the bounds of definition! 

At the core of all people, there are incredible gifts that have never seen the light of day and are dying to get out. Coaxing these gifts out into the world is life at its most exciting! 

What Is A Session Like?  

There is a whole page for you just to answer this question!
Go to WHAT I DO for more info.  :) 

                      Questions? I'd love to hear from you!

                    Questions? I'd love to hear from you!




"Emily has completely changed my life.  Emily will empower you to solve your own problems and keep you coming back for more."
–Avi, Artist & Musician, Brooklyn, NY






“Emily you are very powerful in your work…I thank you for your care, warmth and kindness, your amazing ability to see, shift and transform energy. You are one to bring clarity and beautiful shifts. You truly walk your talk and are one excellent fun passionate amazing teacher!!!” 
–P.N. Artist, San Francisco, CA



“Working with Emily brought me closer to myself and my connection to the eternal divine. Healing with Emily supplied me with a set of tools to turn to when I would otherwise have no way to handle stress, insomnia and life's other little surprises.” 
–Suzanne Meyer, Writer & Stylist, NY, NY






You were an enormous help when nothing else was effective."
–Laura, Film Producer, 
Los Angeles, CA



Stop Sacrificing Your Gifts and Your Life To Creative Block. 


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