Emily Butler, founder Artfully Alive

Emily Butler, founder Artfully Alive

She really listens to you and she is funny!
She is very professional and knows how to
address your particular problem quickly and easily. And she also will make you feel comfortable and like you are hanging out with an old friend.
I love her!

–Sarah, Comedian, NY, NY



  • EEM-AP: Certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner ~
    12 years experience in the methods of Donna Eden. 
  • Traditional and Shamanic Healing~
    8 year private mentorship
  • Certified Reiki Level II
  • Certified Eden Energy Medicine For Women Instructor
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine,
    1 year apprenticeship

  • Certified Urban Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Trance Dance Instructor
  • Certified Herbal Basics Apprenticeship
  • Holistic Vocal Study
  • Bright Knowledge Academy,
    a revolutionary approach integrating musical and spiritual growth



Emily Butler is a Creative Counselor  who helps artists and aspiring artists all over the world break through their own creative block. An artist herself with over 17 years of advanced experience in the holistic healing arts, Emily’s unique, comprehensive approach empowers artists to change their lives from the inside out.


From Emily ~ 

Supporting others in reclaiming their creativity is a natural extension of my life story. I’m an artist like you and years ago I had terrible creative block, as well as all kinds of stubborn health problems that I just couldn’t shake. I lived with the feeling that my own life was passing me by, and if you’ve experienced this, you know it is a very special kind of despair.

In search of answers I dove into holistic healing studies with the fire of someone fighting for their life. Because I was – I certainly was fighting for my art!

I’m happy to tell you that I did get my creative flow back, and I also learned how to heal my own body.

I now show people what I’ve learned, because I know this kind of healing can be done. I’ve lived it. And I love to teach it.

I'm honored and inspired to watch my clients use these tools to change their own lives and spark healing for themselves on all levels. 

My Philosophy ~

What I love about this work is what I love about art itself—it’s a chance to be real with another person and to really see who they are. To think about creativity as just “making stuff” is to miss the point entirely!

To me, creativity can show us how to be ourselves, express our truth and even get in touch with our purpose for being here.

Personally, I’m inspired by ancient cultures that viewed art and healing as one in the same. I believe there is a wisdom in this that we modern artists need. 


Artfully Alive came from my excitement to create a renaissance in how we think about art and artists. 

It is my vision of a safe-haven for artists where their value can be understood and their unique needs can finally be supported.




 "Emily, I have a profound sense of your work’s clarity.
The work you do is so deep.
You are the real deal and we are lucky to have you.”
–Tony Gill, Visual Artist and President of Tony&Tina Vibrational Remedies