“Emily, I have a profound sense of your work’s clarity, you are more powerful than you have even imagined. The work you do is so deep. You are the real deal and we are lucky to have you.
–Tony Gill, Visual Artist and President of Tony&Tina Vibrational 


“Emily's ability to connect with people and tap into both her intuition, and yours, is quite a gift and I am so grateful for all the energetic work and personal issues we have taken on over the phone. The clarity she brings to your life and the healing accomplished in this time is priceless. I leave each session with new eyes...there is always a great weight lifted off my shoulders.  I cannot speak more highly of her...she is an important part of my life.”
–Gina, Designer & Business Owner NY, NY

"Emily came to the healing arts early in life, and is incredibly insightful. She has a keen internal awareness, immense compassion, and accurate intuition. She is a healer by nature and a teacher. I highly recommend Emily. Emily is one of less than a handful of people I would trust to treat me.”
–Bridgette Kinder, Owner of Ageless Acupuncture
Saratoga Springs, NY


"Emily Butler projects the positive energy that assures her clients that they are in good hands. Her sensitivity, intuitive nature and professionalism put her at the top of her field. Her technique deals with both inner and outer balance so essential to well being. In
today's stressful world, aren't we lucky to have Emily Butler to take us to a better place."
–Marc Rosen,  FiFi Award Winner and President
Marc Rosen Associates, NY, NY


"Please know that only wild horses could keep me away from your class. You've helped me hook into some major sources of strength, and I am learning to speak my own language again." —JM, NJ

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first of the effects of energy medicine in general, but my symptoms have improved significantly with every session...Emily's understanding of the human body and how it is affected never ceases to amaze me. Because of her help, I no longer have those doubts about energy medicine.”
Greenberg, Educator & Flamenco Dancer, NY, NY


“Working with Emily brought me closer to myself and my connection to the eternal divine. Healing with Emily supplied me with a set of tools to turn to when I would otherwise have no way to handle stress, insomnia and life's other little surprises.” 
–Suzanne Meyer, Writer & Stylist, NY, NY


Our phone sessions have been an invaluable resource for me in terms of waking up to the fact that artistic expression is as necessary a part of human health as eating right and exercising. Sometimes life can feel monotonous and mundane and I can’t help but wonder 'what’s the point?' This is especially true if I’m feeling anxious or depressed or overloaded with work. It’s hard to find time in our schedules for creativity because it’s not something we value as a society. Now if I schedule an art class or a music lesson into my schedule or even go it alone for an hour, it’s amazing how centered and authentic I feel as a person! When I take the time to do something expressive, I am awed by how rewarding it can be.”
–BH, Princeton, NJ

"Emily listens thoroughly, without judging and is full of the kind of vital life-energy that makes you feel better as soon as you talk to her. I consulted her for fatigue and low energy. My doctor could not find anything wrong with me, but Emily had a good idea what it was right away and did some simple exercises with me that brought my energy back! Emily is a wonderful holistic practitioner because she empowers you to understand your own energy and healing process. She teaches you practically how certain techniques work and how you can listen to and heal your body every day.  I definitely recommend working with her!"
–Hope N, Actress, Paris, France


"You were an enormous help when nothing else was effective."
–Laura, Film Producer, 
Los Angeles, CA

“She really listens to you and she is funny! She is very professional and knows how to address your particular problem quickly and easily. And she also will make you feel comfortable and like you are hanging out with an old friend. I love her!"
–Sarah, Comedian, NY, NY


"Emily has completely changed my life. Emily's healing practice is not only designed to heal, but to show you how to use energy medicine successfully on YOURSELF. Emily will empower you to solve your own problems and keep you coming back for more."
–Avi, Artist & Musician, Brooklyn, NY


“Emily you are very powerful in your work…I thank you for your care, warmth and kindness, your amazing ability to see, shift and transform energy. You are one to bring clarity and beautiful shifts. You truly walk your talk and are one excellent fun passionate amazing teacher!!!”
–P.N. Artist, San Francisco, CA


"I have long been interested in holistic and alternative approaches to healthcare, but have struggled to find practitioners who are as gifted and knowledgeable as Emily. Her expertise in Energy Medicine is comprehensive, and continues to expand as she brings new insight
and techniques to every session. She has an 
intuitive understanding
of my health issues and always has a creative and immediate solution. My energy and overall 
wellbeing have increased exponentially since seeing her, and her skills as a teacher have given me the tools to maintain my gains between sessions. Emily always brings great
warmth and humor to our work together in addition to her
expertise and healing gifts.
I recommend her unconditionally."
–Steven Coburn, Composer & Musicologist, 
Brooklyn NY